New Job!

I’ve just been appointed Creative Quarter Co-ordinator, based in Folkestone.  Fancy knowing more about the Creative Foundation and the Creative Quarter?  Check out this link:

The Folkestone Artworks are being launched next week with lots of interesting activities and tours. Saturday May 4th has guided tours and cultural Dog Walk and Party.  Sunday 5th May tour with pavement pounders and family event in the afternoon. Monday bank holiday 6th may there will be a bike ride from The Hub in Sandgate and children’s tour for the under 12’s. To book call 01303 858500.


Domestic Disturbance

The School’s first celebration of International Women’s Day is about to culminate in an evening of experimental performance, art, comedy, music, workshops, knitting and food.  I realised we’re working with over 40 women to put on this event.  All profit’s will go to Refuge – which I’m really glad about – still a very relevant charity and so good to know that they’re there when we may be feeling our most vulnerable.

I’ve been getting pretty excited about crocheting around wire:

It’s now situated on the big fence outside The School – I cant wait to get some shots of it tomorrow.

Part of the event has involved Rye Gorilla Knitters yarn bombing Rye. A mammoth task that has been tackled with gusto by some very lovely people.

One of the best things about working on a big project is the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations. As part of the event I am co-curating an exhibition with Xaverine Bates founder of Riart Grrrls and Sarah Money from Rye Art Gallery.

If you want to find out more about the event please do have a look here.

other people’s stuff

Dorothea Tanning With Her Smart Dog, circa 1967
Dorothea Tanning With Her Smart Dog, circa 1967


although i subscribe to quite a lot of arts newsletters – i’ve been pretty switched off to the international contemporary art scene of late – it’s either work by people i already know and love or if i like it, it probably looks pretty much like the the work i already love better, but had a couple of nice surprises looking at the portfolios of the artists at this gallery:

particularly Dorothea Tanning  and Klara Kristalova.

Klara Kristalova Becoming A Dog, 2009
Klara Kristalova Becoming A Dog, 2009

i think you can see why.

i spend so much time in the company of animals i kind of feel half dog/horse and especially get the feeling the dog thinks he’s half human.

that’s the essence of what i want to get across with the little paintings i’ve been doing.

and then there was  n o t t i n g h a m on saturday.

its been a really good few days with a trip to which i love for its perfect size (just enough contemporary artwork to inspire but not bore the rest of the family) and for being really close to where we all gorged ourselves on delicious food. i bought and was delighted when j. flicked through it and said that it reminded him of my work!  it feels nice to have a context…

howie and me 2010
howie and me 2010


February 2013

This weekend has flown by again – after a crazy day riding yesterday and cutting the majority of the hair off my poodle today.  Managed to scan in some paintings I’m working on.  Oil takes too long to dry – not sure if I can maintain my patience.

archie_lowres Howie2013_lowres howieback_lowres poodle1_lowres minaturepoodle&lady_lowres


Too Rude??

 fuckthebuntingcolour copy

noworriescolour copy Abetterlifebytheseacolour copy fuckthebunting3 - Copy Abetterlifebythesea - CopyInoworries copyt’s snowing, I’m back at the computer archiving my work & trying to see what might be saleable.

I fancy making these into a limited print run – or maybe t-shirts/merchandise??  What do you think?

It feels like an antidote to all the keep calm & carry on stuff that’s got out of hand… Also all the hand crafting stuff – even though it’s everything I believe in, I cant help but be angry when it comes to twee-ness…

The 3 images at the bottom are the original paintings done in 2011 as part of open studios at The School Creative Centre.  They are painted on linen canvas and I used some farrow & ball sampler paints that were given to me for another project.

Love love hate hate… Taste is a complicated business…


Slowly uploading work for sale on Folksy – it’s taking a ridiculously long time & not really helped by me waiting til nightfall to try to photograph my freshly painted work – DUH!!girlmaking_blog Check out my shop here…


Today’s highlight

This is an image from a Residency I did in Massachusetts (check out more images here) in an old paper mill – was so excited to get my hands of 6ft wide paper and as long as I wanted!  It was suggested to me once that I should look into making these in less transient materials – anyone fancy sponsoring me to make these in some kind of metal??