4.1 Sassoon Gallery

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aluminium 2

Trying out some different loose pigments – powdered earth and paynes grey open golden acrylic on aluminium.


Ebay aluminium, primed but hard to get rid of the sticky residue from the protective plastic.  Looked okay at this point, but the latex was really jagged and quite a bit of the paint came off. 🙁 Put an order in for the good stuff, but limited by size/cost.


Open Studios

Open Quarter 18 & 19 June 2016
GF 23a Tontine Street
12pm – 5pm (Sat & Sun)

Painter exploring the edges of her practice, playful sculptury/fabricy things. Grabbing more or less an hour here or there to make, fast, thoughtful, delicate and tough objects that hang or fall. Working alongside Simon Davenport, Ed Sanders and Terry Smith.  The full list of events and map here:




New year studio 2016

Oh yes!

A bolt hole.

A cave.

A sanctuary.

A secret room of my own away from joyous sticky fingers and (occasional) overstimulated meltdowns. 1.5 hours a week approximately to work as fast as I can. Trying not to think too hard. Channeling the halcyon days of being a student.

2016-01-26painting33 2016-01-26painting2 2016-01-26painting 2016-01-09 15.59.49 2016-01-09 16.00.25 2016-01-09 15.59.14










New life, new work

It seems timely to be posting on Mothers Day.  Imogen is 5 months today, and we are enjoying being together, learning about each other and adjusting to the world.  I am not used to having so much time to ‘myself’, even if that is really time to my daughter; nursing her, cuddling her and playing and chatting when she feels like it.

I’ve been itching to do some work, and managed some sketch book stuff and started a couple of paintings.  In reality the camera and phone camera are the most convenient way to document our new life.  I’ve been posting lots of cute snaps for her grandparents, but what interests me more are the out-takes.  Colicky baby, tiny jaundiced baby, frustrated baby, the ones that show the fragility of life and the tricky times.

ImogenI love you  Co-sleeping arrangements