Experimental Space

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Somehow it seems natural to share my practice with my child. She expects it. Why not?

She has energy, enthusiasm and boundless confidence. All the things that I regularly lack. I envy her unpretentious mark making. Mine look stilted next to hers. I push her forward into the world and she runs and jumps and twists and leaps.  I don’t have much time, and she works fast and with purpose.

I always do like working big and bold and Sassoon Gallery is the perfect foil for our slight works.

Unlimited Future – Casement Gallery





19th July to 25th July 2018
Closing Event 5pm 25th July

A new work by Nikki Tompsett, Unlimited Future, specially commissioned for Casement. 

Unlimited Future started with photography, tracking fleeting moments, environments, textures and colours. As usual, using time constraints work to her advantage, she has compiled a series of photographs to suggest a narrative.  The work follows a young girl in a red dress, evoking mythical stories such as Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. Along the route between one place and another, a trail of images is left behind to mark the way forward and perhaps the way back.

Thanks to Terry Smith and Fay Golley for their support:


17 & 18 June 2017 Folkestone Open Quarter


I am opening my studio this Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm as part of Folkestone’s Open Quarter. Guest artists Fiona Boxall, Reece Thomas Green, Tania McCormack, Andrew Millar, Penni Pierce and Robert Smith will also be exhibiting.

Find out about the whole weekend of open studios and events here:


Something old….

I haven’t felt like making more stuff for a while. so i have been going through my ‘archives’ and decided to scan an old sketchbook painted on a Vogue magazine before it disintegrated and disappeared for good. I thought it would be fun to make it into a little publication.



9 – 25 January 2017, Sassoon Gallery

Exhibition curated by Simon Davenport, Edward Sanders, and myself.

Photos by Matt Rowe.

Beached @ Whelkboy part of Salt Festival


Beached – Malcolm Allen, Onnon de Graaf, Kitty Hall, James Marsh, Andy McGuire, Nikki Tompsett, Thurle Wright, James Marsh, Susan Triffitt
Friday 23 September – Sunday 9 October
Whelkboy, 44 The Old High Street, Folkestone

Beached Talk: Malcolm Allen, Jon Wilson – Fri 30 Sep Quarterhouse

Alongside the exhibition Beached, artist Malcolm Allen, Jon Wilson from Folkestone Rainbow Centre and Beached artists discuss the notion that there is a disproportionate number of afflicted, addicted or otherwise disadvantaged people who gravitate to, drift or establish themselves at the coast. Is the seaside town the end of the road or can it be a new beginning?
Chaired by Susanna Howard from Living Words

Art in Romney Marsh

thumbnail_art in romney marsh advert w borderI am delighted to be exhibiting in Art in Romney Marsh 2016. Find me at Newchurch, 17/18, 24/25 September and 1/2, 8/9 October.

Artist Statement

Mother and daughter explore and make in response to St Peter and St Paul in Newchurch. Mother reflects on her own childhood, and skills passed down from her own mother and grandmother, foragers and makers. If our precious habitats are to survive, it is by re-enchanting nature for our very young.

As a child, my nearest social place was the local church. An old man used to take care of it, sometimes we wandered down the lanes and checked on the local cattle, once he took us to watch them being milked. His name was Cecil. He once told my friends sister, who was very young, that if a stinging nettle had flowers on it, it wouldn’t sting, I think it was a joke, but she touched it and cried, a lot!