January 2023
January 2023

January 2023

Secretly, I’m interested in writing.

Words are powerful.

My mind is busy and full of chatter.

Walking in the woods calms my mental state.

I like being alone in the woods, picking my way along narrow pathways.

Breathing woodland damp and green and sometimes piney.

Listening out.


Rushing to begin with, then slowly starting to look up, trying to spot the song birds at the top of the trees.

Looking out for the low flying buzzard picking it’s way through the brushy trees.

Dazzling blue sky today.

Looking at the different footprints in the deep mud. Deer, badger? Dog and. human.


Feeling peace and calm wash over me.

Feeling content.

Feeling the ground, noticing my feet and how my toes move.

My joints.

My breathing getting laboured up the steep incline.

My strong legs.

How lucky I am.

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