Too Rude??
Too Rude??

Too Rude??

 fuckthebuntingcolour copy

noworriescolour copy Abetterlifebytheseacolour copy fuckthebunting3 - Copy Abetterlifebythesea - CopyInoworries copyt’s snowing, I’m back at the computer archiving my work & trying to see what might be saleable.

I fancy making these into a limited print run – or maybe t-shirts/merchandise??  What do you think?

It feels like an antidote to all the keep calm & carry on stuff that’s got out of hand… Also all the hand crafting stuff – even though it’s everything I believe in, I cant help but be angry when it comes to twee-ness…

The 3 images at the bottom are the original paintings done in 2011 as part of open studios at The School Creative Centre.  They are painted on linen canvas and I used some farrow & ball sampler paints that were given to me for another project.

Love love hate hate… Taste is a complicated business…

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